Behind the doors: Laura Labieniec Pintel

Lauras door.jpg

Wind around the corner from the main gallery and down the hall where you'll find Laura Labieniec Pintel in her studio. Laura dabbles in many different kinds of art, including digital photography, painting, collage, and drawing. If you ask her what medium is her favorite she’ll tell you “whatever I’m working on at the moment,” which today is photography of birds and flowers. Laura has a degree in biology so photography is particularly close to heart because it allows her to combine her loves of art and science. She is currently working on creating a line of greeting cards featuring various pieces of her art and her photographs. Laura just moved into a studio here in July 2012, but she’s been creating art since she was a little kid, saying that crayons were her very first medium!  Come by the studio to get a look at her work and meet the wonderful lady behind it.